Singapore's award-winning cupcakery has arrived!

Twelve Cupcakes opened its doors in July 2011 and has since grown rapidly with overwhelming response from its passionate customers. The reason for its strong following, is their brand promise to deliver only freshly baked cupcakes that are handmade from scratch daily. Coupled with the use of quality gourmet ingredients, they do not cut corners in creating the perfect cupcake that is suited to the Asian palate.

A Twelve Cupcakes Cupcake is moist, fluffier and less sweet with a light smooth frosting that is pleasing to the palate. Many satisfy their sweet-tooth cravings with these elegant-looking treats that are housed in their signature pink boxes. They are the perfect thing to bring to any gathering, or just to give your day a sweet ending :)

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Twelve Cupcakes 於2011年7月開業,隨著客戶的熱烈反映而迅速發展。 成功原因在於Twelve Cupcakes 的品牌承諾只提供每天手工製作的新鮮杯子蛋糕,再加上Twelve Cupcakes在創造適合亞洲口味的完美蛋糕時堅持只使用優質成分。

Twelve Cupcakes 的口感是濕潤、鬆軟、少甜,帶有光滑柔順的糖霜,令人愉悅。 許多人熱愛Twelve Cupcakes 標誌性的優雅粉紅色盒子,滿足了食客對甜品的渴望。 Twelve Cupcakes 是帶給任何聚會的完美之選,或者是為你的完美一天作結。

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